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"The world is made of algorithms."

For NESA endorsed professional development please go to our Workshops page.

Yes, we made TWANG! Get free resources here.


To book a STEAM game dev incursion / author visit please contact us.

Codewise creativity is fun! As children leverage technology to bring their ideas to life they develop confidence, mental agility and resilience. They learn to define problems, think logically and work as part of a team to find solutions. They feel empowered by their success and their ability to make technology work for them.

Our core vision is to inspire teachers and students. Let's get excited about innovation and digital technologies in the classroom - learning is so much easier when you are really motivated to do it. We created the Codewise Creator platform to help students acquire STEAM skills and gain an understanding of the way creativity and technology can interact to produce innovative solutions to problems.

We are passionate about supporting teachers in regional areas to bring creativity, computer science and robotics into the classroom. Everyone is creative, and with the right information and resources, anyone can integrate digital technologies into their curriculum. Our courses enable teachers to feel confident and find their own best practice in the classroom.

Why did we start Codewise?  Regional areas of Australia are particularly exposed to digital disruption so it's important that we position our students well. In a fast-changing 21st century landscape computational thinking skills are becoming increasingly important and the Australian National Curriculum has been changed to reflect this. Digital Technologies supports outcomes in key learning areas such as Mathematics and Science and we love to show teachers how to integrate them into other areas of the curriculum as well.

Please go to our workshops page to register or get in in touch via our contact page to arrange training.

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